Racing Team     

Field Events-We will be introducing field events to the team. It is up to athletes which field events they participate in, if any at all. Field events options are long jump, triple jump, turbo jav, shot put, discus, and high jump.

In addition to the field events, hurdles for ages 8 and up will be introduced. CLCF owns 24 inch high hurdles and are allowed to use the high school hurdles for the older runners. 

Junior Olympics, requires all runners to register as a USATF member to participate in the meet. DOB needs to be verified and confirmed by USATF.

Team shirts ordered and have arrived. Uniforms will be in the week of school vacation in April.

​We will practice in all weather, except anything extreme!   Sign up for Rainedout Text service-see article to the left. Leaders-The coaches and I will be looking for leaders to be our first captains of the racing team. Captains will be announced by April 25.

Important to stretch and be ready to run-each practice!!


USATF Certified Club, participant in the Junior Olympics.

Saturday meets from 9 am-Noon

What is CLCF Panthers Track and Field?

CLCF track and field is part of the non profit, volunteer organization known as Cranston's League for Cranston's Future (CLCF). CLCF promotes healthy wellness, sportsmanship, and activity in children. The program gives the youth in Cranston and its surrounding areas a chance to learn about the sport  of track and field, make friends, and have fun.

There are two seasons for CLCF track and field. There is an outdoor season that has the CLCF Track running club and the CLCF Panthers Racing Team. The running club offers practice two nights a week for one hour. It also offers 5 meets on Saturday mornings that offer friendly competition. Ribbons are awarded to the top 6 finishers in each event. Varied events in running, jumping, and throwing are offered. The running club starts in April and ends in the beginning of June.

The Panthers Racing team also starts in April and but runs until the end of July. There are four  75 minute practices a week and special attention is spent on specific skills and events the athletes wish to compete in. The team runs in meets in RI, MA, NH, and NY. The racing team compete in the Junior Olympics and other USATF sanctioned meets. 

Both the Rec League and Racing Team workout on the Cranston West Track on Metropolitan Ave.

The other season is the indoor season. There is only a racing team for this season. They practice 3 times a week for one hour. Locations vary at different gymnasiums. The team competes in 3-4 meets, in MA and RI and lasts from December until the middle of February.

All teams are for ages 5-14, for any child interested in having fun with running.

CLCF Track and Field

Panthers Running Club


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​​​​​2015 SEASON

 On May 2, our first meet of the season at the West track will be held. Normally, our meets are 9 am until noon. May 2 will begin at 8 am and last until about 10:30. The end time will depend on when the high school needs to set up for the meet. 

The coach for West, Clem Scoscia offered to have CLCF run at noon on May 2, before their invitational. We would run 3-4 events, possibly the 100, 200, 400, and 1500. It all depends on how quick we get through them. 

Going forward, as I stated earlier, the meets will be from 9 am -noon, with all the events listed under the meets tab available. 

Rainedout Texting

New to CLCF Track is a program called Rainedout, which delivers information about CLCF track via your phone and email-if you choose. Text 84483 and the appropriate team to join. 

Racing Team- enter-Pantherssports7632

Rec League-enter-RunningClubsports7632

Getting Ready!

Be sure that you have good running shoes, water, and are dressed properly.   

  Go to Rhode Runner in Providence ,to speak with an experienced sneaker rep about the proper shoes for your upcoming track season. Don't forget your spikes!              






Rec League Practice Mondays and Wednesdays 6-7 PM

Racing Team practices: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturdays.

CLCF Sweatshirts

Until April 27, we will have CLCF sweatshirts available for sale, in either green or black, with the CLCF panther logo on the front with the words "CLCF track and field". 

It is $45 for a sweatshirt. It is $50 for a sweatshirt with a name on the back.  The order will be put in on Tuesday morning and should be completed in two weeks or less. Email me with any questions at fnotarianni@clcftrack.com