North East Indoor Classic-Needham Youth Running Club.

February 8, 2015-Reggie Lewis Athletic Center, Boston, MA.

Running Events: 55m, 200m 55 M hurdles, 400 m, 800 m ,1500 m, 4x100 Relay, and 800 m Race/walk.

Field Events: Long jUmp, high jump, standing long jump, and shot put.

2 Running and 1 field event in basic registration. $10 each for 4th and 5th event.​

$6 entry fee for non athletes

For more information go to Indoor Classic Meet.


USATF Certified Club, participant in the Junior Olympics.

Practices:Mondays and Thursdays from 6-7:15 pm.

CLCF Panthers Racing Team 

Saturday meets from 9 am-Noon

What is CLCF Panthers Track and Field?

CLCF track and field is part of the non profit, volunteer organization known as Cranston's League for Cranston's Future (CLCF). CLCF promotes healthy wellness, sportsmanship, and activity in children. The program gives the youth in Cranston and its surrounding areas a chance to learn about the sport  of track and field, make friends, and have fun.

There are two seasons for CLCF track and field. There is an outdoor season that has the CLCF Track running club and the CLCF Panthers Racing Team. The running club offers practice two nights a week for one hour. It also offers 5 meets on Saturday mornings that offer friendly competition. Ribbons are awarded to the top 6 finishers in each event. Varied events in running, jumping, and throwing are offered. The running club starts in April and ends in the beginning of June.

The Panthers Racing team also starts in April and but runs until the end of July. There are four  75 minute practices a week and special attention is spent on specific skills and events the athletes wish to compete in. The team runs in meets in RI, MA, NH, and NY. The racing team compete in the Junior Olympics and other USATF sanctioned meets.

The other season is the indoor season. There is only a racing team for this season. They practice 3 times a week for one hour. Locations vary at different gymnasiums. The team competes in 3-4 meets, in MA and RI last from December until the middle of February.

All teams are for ages 5-14 for any child interested in having fun with running.



CLCF Track and Field

Panthers Running Club


CLCF Sports.org:

CLCF sports main page


 2015 registration

Registration is now open for the CLCF Panthers Racing Team and the Rec League. Click on the link CLCF registration.

If you want your child to compete at track and field events, click on the Panthers Racing team. 

If you want your child to get out and be active, click on the Rec League.

CLCF is using a new registration website and it is not linked up to CLCFsports.org yet. You must access through the link above on this site.

Please be sure to register your child for the correct program, as they are on different nights, as well differently priced. They are NOT interchangeable. 

Any questions, contact us through "About CLCF Track" tab above.

Rainedout Texting

New to CLCF Track is a program called Rainedout, which delivers information about CLCF track via your phone and email-if you choose. Text 84483 and the appropriate team to join. 

Racing Team- enter-Panthers

Rec League-enter-Running Club

Indoor Track-enter-CLCFIndoor

Indoor Track week of 1/25

 Due to the snow storm that is supposed to hit Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, it looks like practice will be limited. The gymnasium use has changed due to the weather taking precedence over us using it. 

We will have to fly by the seats of our pants, as everything depends on mother nature. 

I will email everyone later this week as the storm unfolds.

We are possibly looking at a Wednesday and/or Friday. Again let's see how the week unfolds and we will work things out. 

We are definitely in for Saturday at 11 am in Warwick and Sunday at 9 am at CLCF.