What is CLCF Panthers Track and Field?

CLCF track and field is part of the non profit, volunteer organization known as Cranston's League for Cranston's Future (CLCF). CLCF promotes healthy wellness, sportsmanship, and activity in children. The program gives the youth in Cranston and its surrounding areas a chance to learn about the sport  of track and field, make friends, and have fun.

There are two seasons for CLCF track and field. There is an outdoor season that has the CLCF Track running club and the CLCF Panthers Racing Team. The running club offers practice two nights a week for one hour. It also offers 5 meets on Saturday mornings that offer friendly competition. Ribbons are awarded to the top 6 finishers in each event. Varied events in running, jumping, and throwing are offered. The running club starts in April and ends in the beginning of June. The cost of the 2016 is $55 per person.

The Panthers Racing team also starts in April and runs until the end of July. There are four,  90 minute practices a week and special attention is spent on specific skills and events the athletes wish to compete in. The team runs in meets in RI, MA, NH, and NY. The racing team compete in the Junior Olympics and other USATF sanctioned meets. The cost for the 2016 season is $70 per person.

New this year-middle school and high school extended track seasons. This allows for middle and high school athletes who already run for their respective teams, to extend their track season. They can join CLCF upon the completion of their high/middle school season and continue to train and race in their specific events. These athletes can compete in the Junior Olympics, Needham Youth Classic, or any other USATF sanctioned meet. The cost for the 2016 is $50.

All outdoor track teams workout on the Cranston West Track on Metropolitan Ave.

The other season is the indoor season. There is only one team for this season. It is a blend of racing and rec, as each athlete decides how much competition they wish to compete in. They practice 3 times a week for 60 minutes at the West Warwick Civic Center indoor track located on Factory St. The team competes in 3-4 USATF sanctioned meets in MA,RI, and NY. The season lasts from December until the middle of February. The cost is $75 per athletes as we are renting an indoor facility for each practice. 

All teams are for ages 5-14, for any child interested in having fun with running.

Indoor Track 2016-17

Registration for the indoor track season will open on October 1.

The indoor track season will officially begin on December 3 at the West Warwick Indoor Civic Center. Practice will be held 3 times a week-Sunday and Saturday 11 am-noon and Wednesday evenings from 6-7 pm. 

No experience is necessary to participate in this program. CLCF indoor track offers sprinting, long distance, jumping, and throwing training. 

The indoor team participates typically in two meets up at Wheaton College and two meets at the Reggie Lewis Athletic Center in Boston. 

In addition to those meets listed above, a group of athletes will compete in the USATF/Hershey Indoor Championship series. The athlete must be a USATF member to compete. Race locations for these meets have yet to be determined. 

The cost for the season is $75 per athlete which covers the cost of the indoor track rental in West Warwick and a t-shirt. 

Indoor track Registration Link

Rec League Practice Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-7 PM

Practice Heroes

 This season the Racing Team has started a new tradition of naming practice heroes at the end of each practice. Two athletes are named prior to the team's cool down and stretch. A practice hero is not only acknowledged in front of the team but is allowed to wear a super hero cape for the rest of practice until a new hero is announced at the following practice. It creates some friendly rivalry and adds more fun to practice. 


Racing Team practices: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturdays.


CLCF Sports.org

Panthers Running Club

Needham Youth Classic 2016

For the first time in team history, the CLCF Panthers have won the Needham Youth Classic. There were over 30 athletes who competed, helping compile over 1000 points at the meet! All of the runners competed in multiple events to help achieve the victory. Ben set a meet record in the long jump and Maia did the same thing in the turbo jav! Some other highlights are Zach and Aaron winning the 3000 meter race for their age group, Lindsey winning the 80 hurdles for her age group, Alex and Matt winning high jump, Maia winning shot put and many more!! It was a total team effort and should be savored by the coaches and the athletes alike. CLCF was able to defeat the very talented Novas who had won the previous year's meet and Metropolis who had won the Northeast Indoor Classic this year. Results

About CLCF Track and Field.

Saturday meets from 8:30 am-Noon

CLCF Track and Field

USATF Cross Country 2016

Cross country season is upon us. Currently Coach Tom Aman and Ken Horn are training our cross country runners. Once the CLCF season is officially over on October 29, the USATF XC season will begin.

That is where Coach Ken takes over to prep our runners for the longer season. He will train and prepare the runners to compete in the New England Meet which is being held in Amherst, NH on November 13. 

To compete in the New England Meet and beyond, runners must be a current USATF member and being willing to travel out of RI.  

If you are interested please contact Coach Ken at ken.horn@verizon.net

USATF Certified Club, participant in the Junior Olympics.