Indoor Track

Registration for the indoor track season is now open!! Registration will be ongoing from October 1 until December 1.The cost is $75 for the first child and $70 for any siblings. The season will being on at December 3, once again at the West Warwick Civic Center.

Registration Website- 

The days of practice for the indoor season will be Wednesday nights from 6-7 PM and Saturday and Sundays from 11-12 pm. 

As always we will offer a diverse number of events for the athletes to work on. We have sprinting and long distance workouts, along with throwing and jumping drills. I also offer hurdle training for all ages. 

Once again CLCF will look to compete in various indoor meets in MA, NY and RI. USATF membership is optional. 

About CLCF Track and Field.

Racing Team practices: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturdays.


Saturday meets from 8:30 am-Noon

What is CLCF Track?

C.L.C.F. Panthers Track and Field

Rec League Practice Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-7 PM

USATF Certified Club, participant in the Junior Olympics.


CLCF Track is a non profit program under the umbrella of the CLCF Sports program. 

The track offers children of various abilities and interest the chance to participate or learn the sport of track. All age appropriate track events (field and running) are included in each program. 

There are two season, outdoor (spring) and indoor (winter)CLCF track has programs for youths ages 5-18 years old. 

Outdoor Track

Rec League-This is for athletes who just want to learn the basics, do very little competition, or due to their schedule may not have the time to commit fully. Rec League practices 2 days a week and able to compete in the 5 Saturday Meets at Cranston West. The season lasts from April to June.

Racing Team-This team is competitive, as they practice 4 days a week, compete in meets out of state and in the USATF Junior Olympics. The expectations of the Racing Team are higher, as they need to be prepared to compete in highly competitive meets. The season lasts from April to July. 

Indoor Track

Indoor track is practiced at the West Warwick Civic Center which has a rubber track. Practices are held 3 times a week, working on all the different events for indoor track. The athletes are encouraged to compete in various meets in RI and MA. Some athletes compete in USATF Junior Olympics which requires some travel and extra practice. The season lasts from December until the middle of March. 

Panthers Running Club

CLCF Track and Field

CLCF Meet #3 Video

Here is a short video of our meet from May. It was a rain shortened meet unfortunately. 

Junior Olympics

Cross Country 2017

On November 12,the cross country  New England Junior Olympics are going to be held at Deerfield Park in Smithfield, RI. 

Any CLCF athlete who wants to compete in Junior Olympics, should contact Coach Steve or Coach Ken.

To compete, you must have an active USATF membership and pay for the meet registration fee. Training will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4-5 pm starting October 31. These will be speed workouts along with racing strategies.

Coach Ken and Steve will be assigning running homework, to help you prepare for the upcoming meet. 

The Regional JO meet is also going to be held in Smithfield on November 19. To qualify, you must be place in the top for the team event (at least 5 runners make up a team) or in the top 30 individually. 

Meet Information Page

Below are the maps of each course-2K, 3K, 4K and 5K.